sangfroid (noun): composure or coolness shown under trying circumstances. Word of the Day for 7 December 2014 lit. "Cold blood" if my French is correct

a low muffled sound like distant thunder heard in certain seismic regions especially along seacoasts and over lakes and thought to be caused by feeble earth tremors

Unusual Travel Words with Beautiful Meanings

Unusual travel words with beautiful meanings | Looking for some travel inspiration? Check out these beautiful words from different languages that sum up emotions in traveling perfectly

Internet for classrooms: Teacher tools - List of tools by category which leads to verified lists of links

Favorite Pins Friday!

What gets a capital letter?- This anchor chart tells all the different things that get a capital letter. Using anchor charts are a DAP.

Using capital letters can be tricky for students. This poster would be a good resource in a classroom learning when to use the capital letters.

[62 pictures] UFUNK – Week End Selection n°58

Funny pictures about Collective nouns for animals. Oh, and cool pics about Collective nouns for animals. Also, Collective nouns for animals.

A clever way to teach capitalization for students that keep forgetting what exactly needs to have a capital letter. This would be a good poster or anchor chart to have in the classroom for the students to glance up and refer too.

Patriot - [pey-tree-ut ] -noun 1. Person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors, both foreign and domestic. The Grunt Style patriot shirt is a ultra-comfortable and soft black shirt made of 100% cotton.