Ghostbusters (1984) - Minimal Movie Poster by Matt Owen. It could also work for Popeye. I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam.

33 Movie Posters That Prove Less Really Is More

This a simple and minimalist movie posters by Matt Owen, an art director from Little Rock, Arkansas. He produces simple minimalist movie posters for classic and modern films using the most basic of elements in an incredibly clever way.

Ibraheem Youssef – Carteles de películas                                                                                                                                                     Más

Ibraheem Youssef – Carteles de películas

reservoir dogs: Part of Ibraheem Youssef’s Quentin Tarantino Graphic movie poster series.

<b>South African design studio <a href="" target="_blank">MUTI</a> created a beautiful series of posters inspired by iconic movie locations, for South Africa's Ster-Kinekor theater chain.</b>

The Shining

Stanley Kubrick's The Shining From: Cool Movie-Inspired Retro Travel Posters. Stephen King would hate going here I bet.

The Dark Knight (seeing this again makes me extra excited for the Dark Knight Rising!)

50 Really Awesome Movie Posters

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Maxime Pecourt's cool movie posters

Movie Posters

An alternative movie poster for the film Men In Black, created by Maxime Pecourt, featured on AMP

Cool alternative movie posters - fight club, the Lion King and Titanic ones in particular...

Cool alternative movie posters…

Star Wars 1977 went to see each movie with my dad - we couldn't wait for the next episode to come out

50 Beautiful Movie Posters

"Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope" directed by George Lucas / highest grossing film in 1977

Avatar | Cool Movie-Inspired Retro Travel Posters South African design studio MUTI created a beautiful series of posters inspired by iconic movie locations, for South Africa’s Ster-Kinekor theater chain.


Famous movie locations, like Avatar’s Pandora, recreated as classic, mid-century travel posters by Studio Muti for Ster-Kinekor Theaters in South Africa.

The Blues Brothers 1980.  Jake & Elwood (Belushi & Aykroyd)  History was made...this is an hysterically funny movie with some of SNL's best actors!

24 Minimalist Movie Posters