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if you've seen The Hunger Games image is really powerful. to fight for what you believe, he goes against what is wrong

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Back by popular demand, your childhood (50 Photos)

Childhood toys and games from the 80s : the CHIVE. This takes me back.mine was by my bed lol


Girls like her on this anime made me think y is she playing such a dangerous game(that got even more dangerous) she started fighting and it was pretty cool but if she couldn't fight what could she do?


another fun fact: my teacher recommended The Maze Runner to me in 5th grade and I read the whole thing. so cool to see it a movie


Quotable Quotes from Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins | 2012 And I bring you another Hunger Games posters. :)

2 cool Fighting Games | Soul Calibur IV - Playstation 3

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Prussia's Worst Fear

day 20 prussia would be a great butler like how hes great at cleaning like they made entire game about it


Very cool Dice Pillows! Not sure if I should pin these to dice or gaming rooms! I think they belong in both!


The Game Of Death #brucelee #bruceleequotes #kurttasche

Persona 4 Arenas director would love to work on Persona 5 fighting game Persona 5 is already out in Japan and fans in North America wont have too much longer of a wait when the game arrives on February 14 2017. So with the game already done in Japan whats next for Persona 5 or the Persona series in general? Weve seen everything from spin-offs to ports with additional content and more recently a fighting game with Persona 4 Arena and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax which took characters from both…