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pronunciation | 'U-ton-E\ (YOO-ton-ee)nope | I didn’t spell it wrong. Euphony is any harmonious or sweet sound, whereas I located sources that confirmed that eutony pertains to words. It may be obsolete or extremely obscure (and it was later adopted by someone who used it as the name of their “holistic method of self-discovery”) but I did mean eutony.

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26 Beautiful Words The English Language Should Steal << This is cool. The "gigil" one. :D We use it a lot in the Philippines..^^

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MY FAVOURITE WORD I've been looking for it my whole life and stumbled across it in The Raven Boys

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#slubberdegullion, noun, worthless, useless, useful things to say about people you don't like very much, insult, words, otherwordly, other-wordly, S, definitions,

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