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Gmail Infographic: Shortcuts, Tips And Tricks To Help You Handle Your Messages
from The Huffington Post

52 Shortcuts To Use Gmail Like A Pro


5 Mind-Blowing Custom Computers You Never Knew Existed - Specs: Looking within the glowing desk, you'll find 10TB of storage and a Core i7 processor that can be overclocked to 4.5GHz+. Oh, and Peter says the entire thing is silent as a mouse thanks to its water-cooled system and 17 fans. Jeebus! Peter even tossed in a three-monitor set-up to make this thing a regular Batman command center. - TechEBlog


#Feno - foldable device, looks cool and we love that it's got an optical drive, disc isn't dead just yet... Via Tech Planets


Steampunk Tendencies | fully functional steampunk workstation... with keyboard, mouse, screen, plasma bulbs, lamps, webcam, nixie clock and various other gadgets by Steampunk Steampunker Clockworker #Steampunk ☮k☮

from HKDC

20 Cool Mouse Designs You Don’t See Often

Laptops with their trackpads have conquered the world these days but there some people who still use desktop computers with the mouse. The way we use the mouse


Awesome Technic for Total an Excel Column Faster with This Keyboard Shortcut. #business7days