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10 Minute Perfect Broiled Lobster Tails

This is the easiest way to make lobster tails - only 10 minutes to a decadent dinner!

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How to Make Perfectly Succulent Lobster Tail

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Learn How to Cook Lobster Tails in the Oven (It's Easy!)

Lobster tails are one of my favorite meals to make at home on special occasions. While lobster tails can be made a variety of ways, such as steamed, cooking them in the oven is quick, easy and absolutely delicious.

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Salvatore Elefante's traditional sfogliatelle recipe has the characteristic many-layered seashell shape of the classic Neapolitan pastry, along with the rich semolina and ricotta filling. These Italian pastries are often known as 'lobster tails' in reference to their shape.

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Learn How to Cook Lobster Tails in the Oven (It's Easy!)

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The Best Ways to Cook Lobster Tails

The secret to cooking lobster tails is to cook them only until they're just done, because lobster can be tough and chewy if overcooked. When the shells turn red and the meat is white, remove the lobster to a serving platter. Popular methods of cooking lobster tails include boiled, steamed, grilled and baked. Boiling and steaming cook the lobster...


My favorite lobster tail recipe! Literally takes 10-15 minutes! Butter, Olive oil, fresh lemon juice, white pepper, paprika, garlic salt, sea salt and a little bit of old bay seasoning. Mix everything together and brush on top of the lobster tails. Broil for 5 minutes and then brush it with melted butter and chives mixture. Put it back in the broiler for 10 minutes and serve.