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Cracked Out Grits Casserole

Cracked Out Grits Casserole - cheddar, bacon and ranch - SO addictive!!! We love this casserole for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Grits, chicken broth, milk, eggs, Velveeta, bacon, Ranch, cheddar cheese. Can make ahead and refrigerate or freeze for later. This always get RAVE reviews! SO good!!!

Lemon Polenta Cake

Lemon Polenta Cake - Nigella. My colleague made this for our office bake off - totally delish! and posh enough for entertaining. I am going to try it.


Cheese Grits Casserole

Cheese Grits Casserole - Made 1/2 recipe in 8x8 in glass dish (had to use 2 eggs) - leftovers would be yummy w/a fried egg on top!

Southern Cooking 101: How To Cook Grits

Southern Cooking 101: How To Cook Grits. Ya gotta start somewhere, chuckle, can do these with my eyes closed.

The Best Way to Cook Grits in the Slow Cooker

Like your grits creamy and smooth? The best way to cook grits is in your slow cooker or crockpot. It's so easy you can make them for a crowd.

Cheese Grits

Cheese Grits (QUICK Grits). I just cook grits with water and add american cheese and garlic salt. So good! I could eat cheesy grits everyday. I swear I should be a southern girl.