A person who never learned to TRUST confuses intensity with intimacy, obsession with care, and control with security. ~Patrick Carnes, psychiatrist.

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ARHII Just because others can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't real. Narcs are very skilled in controlling an outsider's perception.

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Quotes, peace, relationship, inspirational, quote, live, lifestyle, control, abuse, InstaMentalist, thought, words, sad, ✭A Different $tate Of Mental✭ on Instagram: “Think of "Toxic People" like you think of cancer. Once they enter your life they'll spread and ruin you, killing anything and everything in their path. The faster you acknowledge and cut out the cancer (toxic people) in your life the better off you will be. Seriously, get rid of those pieces of shit! ♛

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Warning Sign, you shouldn't be scared to return home, because you don't know what mood they will be in ... horrible being under the 'control' of a Narcissistic mother

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