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Giving in to a controlling person might feel like "keeping the peace" for the moment, but it's actually starting a very toxic pattern. Each time the controlling person gets what they want you to do, that gives them a little more power over you for the next thing they'll want from you. Trust me, this pattern will continue over and over again. You will eventually be worn down and under their control.


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This is how it was with my mother. Even when I fully immersed myself in this cult, it still was not good enough for her. She died anyway and our relationship was abusive all in the name of this cult.. Sad me :(


When you see someone who needs power and control and will not stop until they get it, you are actually seeing someone who is deeply afraid of life. Fearful people can only have things their way.


This is so true. This is what my husband did when I left him. He did this with my immediate family, but luckily they knew he was saying wasn't true. But he has got people from different services feeling sorry for him. Even though they knew exactly what he did to me.


Except for the weak. You can control the truly weak-minded and needy in a heartbeat. It must be a total thrill for the corrupted soul, but I imagine that it would get boring, even for psychopaths, after a while... ~ETS