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Original botanical art monoprint artist book keepsake. Wedding favor. Floral leaves seed heads Inspired by Japanese prints and Art Nouveau

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-Cherokee Proverb So... I'm not crazy about the gender roles here but it's interesting because I've noticed lately that a number of cultures/religions regard the female as somewhat of a hyperspiritual entity. To me, it's a positive contrast to the "hysterical" archetype. Sensitivity as a powerful source of leading others.... Interesting... But again not a fan of the gender roles.

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Ursus Wehrli has produced 2 books in which he takes ordinary scenes to pieces and puts them back together again in a more ordered or organised way. He creates order out of disorder.

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Contrast Sensitivity: You may have seen people using colored films or tinted glasses when they read. For a small group of people these are critical aids to their ability to read.

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