Where To Apply Bronzer & The Best Bronzers To Do It With for the perfect sun-kissed glow!

Where To Apply Bronzer

Where To Apply Bronzer & The Best Bronzers To Do It With for the perfect sun-kissed glow! lipstick beauty makeup tips makeuptips beautytips

Contour Your Body with Bronzer | DIY Contouring and Sunless Tanning Tips

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How to contour. This shows you how to create the appearance of a stronger jawline, more defined cheek bones and a slimmer face.


How to Contour: Contouring your face is so important. Simply wearing foundation creates such clean slate on your face that you have to create dimensions to highlight your beautiful features. Check out 'How to Contour" tips from the Beauty Department.

For all my friends that ask me about contouring!!!!!!! Contouring with bronzer? Not for natural results! Learn how pros create sculpted features that look natural with a better understanding of color. On this epi...

My name is Jordan Liberty, and I've been a pro makeup artist and photographer in NYC, LA, and Philadelphia for over a decade. I'm proud to be the "black shee.

Bronzing Tutorial- It drives me nuts when I see girls with bronzer all over their face and yet their necks r whiter than white...

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Yes, you can do this with powder and foundation, but works great if you have a bronzer (for contour) and a highliting powder, too! When highlighting under the eye, this image shows to put the highlighter too high... If you put it on the top portion of your cheek it works better -- and doesn't bring the eye to those fine lines you'd rather not have people notice!

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Highlights are bright and contours are dark. Use bronzer or darker eyeshadows (in the crease) to create depth or contour, and use illuminators, highlighting pencils, etc. to brighten up the face for the highlight areas. It will make a huge difference!