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Contour Roam 2

Contour ROAM2 is able to record stunning great videos provide you stick to the Full HD option which gives you the ability to record 1080p


If youre searching for a simple action cam, you definitely should consider the Contour Roam2, as it comes features that allows it to produc...

from Outside Online

Contour Roam 2

Contour Roam 2: The Roam 2 captures high-quality footage at half the price. The on-off switch slides forward and back, which made it easy to operate even with ski mitts on, and a beam of light pinpointed exactly where I aimed it. One knock: the Roam 2 beeps like a cardiac monitor when low on power or memory, which got annoying. But the camera made up for it in toughness. When I accidently backed my Toyota Camry over it, the Roam 2 lived to beep about it.