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Michael Kukla - laminated plywood sculpture that would make a great inspiration for a handbuilt clay work

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Witchcraft - Spell P5 A “binding spell” is one intended to prevent harm, avoid danger, or to stop someone from performing particular acts (e.g. halting a murder, preventing a rape or even stopping the spread of gossip). A spell has a specific kind of formula, usually involving the use incantations, images and implements (sometimes called “charms” or “runes”) and a set of simultaneous actions, which are designed to gather magical power and direct it towards a specific purpose.

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<p>Kelly Reemtsen’s candy-colored paintings of women have dark undertones, exploring the paradoxical status of being female in a “post-feminist” contemporary society. Reemtsen’s iconic motif is a woman in a festive cocktail dress, sporting an object that is at odds with her leisurely costume, like carpentry equipment or power tools. Her other subjects have included women […]</p>

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JIM DINE Watercolored by Jim 2015 Softground etching with power-tool abrasions, hand watercolored on Hahnemuhle paper Sheet: 42″ x 56-1/2″ / 106.7 x 143.5 cm Image: 37-1/2″ x 53-1/2″ / 95.3 x 135.9 cm Edition of 6 Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

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100+ year old barn wood became our mantle on a freestanding oversized fireplace. Painted brick with sponge roller (was red) and left grout original. Love how it mixed more contemporary styles with history. Wood is roughly cut using axes and such, no power tools.