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Cognac Glasses by BODIE and FOU £42 Only because I only have Courvoisier glasses to drink my cognac out of at the moment.


Wine Cellar

"Showcase your wine to its best advantage while ensuring proper storage conditions. Snooty attitude optional"


Green Hat Gin. 41.1% ABV. Contemporary. Hand-made from grain to glass, each numbered batch of Green Hat Gin is crafted step-by-step over a one month period, featuring a clear juniper nose, hints of citrus lightness and coriander spice, a vague recollection of root botanical earthiness, a subtle note of grains of paradise pepperiness, an herbal whisper of celery, and a rewarding complexity.


hyper-realistic oil painting by New York based artist Alyssa Monks, who uses filters such as glass, vinyl, water, and steam to distort her subjects.


33 Stylish Ways to Store and Showcase Dishware

In the hallway between the living room and library, a custom-designed bar by Studio Frazar casts a warm glow thanks to a combination of fumed white oak, an antique mirror, and sconces by Remains Lighting. The polished statuary marble on the countertop lends both beauty and durability.

Valeri Timofeev. I've seen his plique-a-jour work in person and it is nothing short of AMAZING!