Our favorite daily disposable contact lens is the Alcon's Dailies Total One. It is a great lens for all wearers and particularly for those who suffer from contact lens induced dry eye. So what makes this contact lens so great?

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Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes and Astigmatism - http://www.healtharticles101.com/contact-lenses-for-dry-eyes-and-astigmatism/#more-6957

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TranquilEyes Eye Hydrating Therapy Kit ~ Basic, Lavender by Dream Essentials. $39.00. A revolutionary way to care for your eyes. Tranquileyes significantly relieves dry eyes brought on by LASIK, contact lens wear, allergies, normal aging, certain medications, low humidity environments, prolonged computer use and medical conditions s as Sjogren's Syndrome. Tranquileyes naturally increases humidity around the eyes and surrounding skin, preventing the evaporation of natural and ...

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Contact lenses are slim, clear plates of plastic that buoy on the surface of the eye. They amend vision like eyeglasses do and are protected when utilized with consideration. Contact lenses are uti...

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