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“Consultative Selling” is a selling technique in which a typical salesperson acts as a consultant and judges the need of a customer by intuitive questions and then satisfying them by expertise and knowledge.

8 Golden Rules to Consultative Selling by Tom Abbott, Soco Selling

The 8 golden rules to consultative selling success. What to do and what not to do when it comes to solution selling.

Forward Thinking Consultative Selling by Dealer eTraining

The forward thinking consultative selling method from Dealer eTraining is composed of seven strategies that are combined to empower the modern sales professional.

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consultative selling

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Defining Consultative Selling - Richardson

What is consultative selling? Read about the consultative sales approach and process, with consultative selling examples and techniques from Richardson.

Consultative Selling Techniques - YouTube

Consultative Selling Techniques - YouTube

Consultative selling advice - YouTube

Take your sales performance to new heights, and become a sustaining resource for your clients

What is the Difference Between Consultative Selling and Normal Selling?

Watch my latest video to learn the differences between normal, or, transactional selling, versus consultative selling. Which sales professional are you, and .