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Construction Firm

David Bailey, Kray Twins with Pet Snakes (1968) ___Billy Hill was one of the foremost perpetrators of organised crime in London from the 1920s through to the 1960s. He was a smuggler, operated protection rackets and used extreme violence.


'plastic house' by irish firm architecture republic is a renovation project on a residential house in dublin. the design creates new space by adding a cruciform constructed out of polycarbonate and steel at the core of the dwelling.


SEA-GLASS CHIC Homeowner Vicky Hodges bought her 1935 Cape Cod-style cottage in 2006, and spent more than two years renovating and extending the property with the help of local firm Warlick Design & Construction.

from Katrina Kay Creations

10 Sewing Mistakes That Will Make Your Clothes Look Homemade

Handmade clothing is good. Clothes that look homemade-not so much. Find out the 10 sewing mistakes that will definitely give your clothes a homemade look.


Wolf Minerals Limited, Power Supply Contract Awarded - - #WLFE

from BBC News

Trump Mexico visit: Luis Videgaray quits as finance minister