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The 1973 Constitution of Pakistan Urdu Pdf

Pakistan: A deadly fight for rights. The Pakistani government shares blame with militants for failing to protect women, activists say. Read more:

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Selling women off like cattle. Young girls being sold to men for sex in public auction every week in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan, it is believed 80% of these girls are brought from Pakistan Tribal Areas. Customers are usually rich Arabs from Gulf States.

ISLAMABAD – Demonstration of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Awami Tehreek’s (PAT) are still continue in Red Zone at Islamabad’s constitution avenue. The demonstrators living in newly developed tents based residential complex have been demanding Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s resignation for seven weeks. Availability of food, disease prevention, shelter from rain and scorching heat, non-availability of toilets were the huge problem of the demonstrators in the beginning but now ...

Pakistani mother burns daughter to death in latest shocking 'honour killing' case

In a wave of violent brutalities against young women in Pakistan, a woman is reported to have set her own daughter ablaze for marrying a man the family did not approve of. The barbaric act claimed the life of the young woman. The incident happened in …

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"I Muhammad Ali Jinnah, do solemnly affirm true faith and allegiance to the constitution of Pakistan as by law established, and that I will be faithful to His Majesty King George VI, his heirs, and successors in the office of the Governor-General of Pakistan".

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