CRANBROOK, British Columbia (AP) — Two former leaders of an isolated polygamous community in Canada were convicted Monday of practicing polygamy after a decades-long legal fight, setting up another potential court battle over the constitutionality of Canada's polygamy laws.

Canadian polygamous leader found guilty of having 25 wives

You might not particularly like some of the comments TRUMP says, BUT, he's the one who can end political corruption in our country, preserve our Constitution, freedom and way of life, support our law enforcement and military, destroy isis, get jobs back, lower taxes while fixing debt crisis, ban abortion, repeal failing obamacare, mostly put God back in schools, military and country!

History repeats this - and all truths - because of our apathy! We are being gently 'numbed' and strategically lulled into believing that our government will take care of us. We continue daily to loose more of the rights fought and paid for by those who kn

Enshrine our right to clear air and water in the Constitution of Canada

Boyd wants the right to clean air enshrined in the constitution. But Macfarlane says Parliament should be the arbiter of the environmental laws we need.

A clickable map of Canada exhibiting its ten provinces and three territories, and their capitals.

Map of Canada showing the capital of each province and territory. From coast to coast to coast, with its 10 provinces and 3 territories it is the second laegest country on the planet (after Russia) when measured by area

Canada's Constitution @eruthn @jessicamcniven @snulton

Canada’s Constitution

...though we shouldn't have to even ask!! It should just be done..Because It's The LAW ..ALREADY!!

Instead of kissing the fannies of those who came to this country in a less-than-legal manner.enforce our current laws. Come legally &'re leaving your old country for some reason.

Chinese Immigrants Help Construct the Transcontinental Railroad

First Transcontinental Railroad, which joined the Union Pacific Railroad (built east from Sacramento) and the Central Pacific Railroad (built west from Omaha). The railroad was built primarily by Irish and Chinese immigrant laborers.

Rainforest runoff in the Olympic National Park of northwestern Washington • photo: John Shephard on StoreOEP

Lake Quinault Lodge, WA

Rainforest runoff in the Olympic National Park of northwestern Washington State photo: John Shephard on StoreOEP

If Christians and Muslims knew how much they both have been deceived; the devils throne would be on fire and his plans would at the least be postponed.

This image is grossly inaccurate. Saving to dismantle later. (Edited note on to avoid further accusations that I am an ignorant individual spreading hate)

Our Immoral and Unrighteous Government_The federal government of the United State has taken unto itself powers far in excess of those enumerated powers assigned to it under the Constitution. Before we trust them with more power, let’s look at what they do with the power that they have already.

Immortality for Chowderheads

Web archive of Canada in the Making website. Built around the Government Documents collection of the Early Canadiana Online collection, it integrates narrative text with links to primary source texts.

Canada in the Making: Three historical themes, Constitutional History, Aboriginals, Pioneers & Immigrants. - over 300 digital documents

Supreme Court of Canada upholds constitutionality of military justice system -

Supreme Court of Canada upholds constitutionality of military justice system - NewsWinnipeg.