I've loved the stars ever since I was 12. I have studied them since then whenever I have free time. I keep an eye out every night for something new to see. I have yet to see a comet or meteor shower, but I know I will one day. My late grandfather loved the night sky, but I never knew. I am a city girl stuck in the country, but every night, I enjoy only the one thing that has gotten me through these fast 5 1/2 years of my life.

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Audiovisual artist Joanie Lemercier recently unveiled Nimbes, a spectacular installation that immerses viewers in a breathtaking virtual universe.

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Outer Space room, I love the maps, star charts, and planets... I've always pictured my son's room to be done with these things and lots of books (even before I had a son lol). When Dom is big enough to learn from those things, I'm incoorporating all of these things with the superhero stuff.

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Brendan Kearney - Illustration and design // White chalk on dark paper - students learn about constellations and create their own... maybe pierce small holes where the stars are?

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