Conspiracy Keanu Overload. I'm not the only one who wonders about colors!!!!

Conspiracy Keanu Overload

Can't get enough of these Keanu Reeves conspiracy memes!!!

Keanu Reeves conspiracy meme: What if when we're awake we're really asleep, and when we're asleep we're really awake?

2 of these are actually true (sometimes) A lot of anti-viruses things make viruses to keep the money going. And there is a phobia about telling people your phobia... // this makes my brain hurt. I love it.

Meme Collection - Conspiracy Keanu

Meme Collection - Conspiracy Keanu The one about oxygen is kinda true. Pure oxygen is poisonous and kills living cells :P

Conspiracy Keanu is my favorite meme


The Random Vibez gets you the craziest and most Funny Wednesday Meme, to get a sigh of relief, that the week is half over!

Conspiracy Keanu

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Keanu conspiracy

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