The Federal Reserve - a privately owned Rothschild, cental banking cartel charging taxpayers interest on money they print out of thin air since 1913.

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Frazier Glenn Miller, Longtime Anti-Semite, Arrested in Kansas Jewish Community Center Murders | Hatewatch

Credit Card scammers stole from nearly 100,000 Michaels Customers A man and a woman have been charged in a large-scale conspiracy to steal information from nearly 100,000 credit and debit cards from customers at 80 Michaels Stores in 19 states.Fraud is an intentional act in which a person deceives other for personal gain. Read more..... #Theftandrobbery #Theftandrobberyoffensejerseycity

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Hate Watch gives information about all the groups that violate the civil rights of others with their hateful activities.

A 35-year-old Detroit man was arrested and charged with a DUI Tuesday morning after a deputy pulled over his blue Chevy Impala for speeding through a red light. His BAC levels were .21 & .20. The legal limit for intoxication in Michigan is .08 percent.

Wardenclyffe Tower, Tesla's Idea about electrical control of rainfall. From the book "Tesla" by Dr. Branimir Jovanovic.

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