That's really it!!!

Red states on average take more than they give with Social Security, and yet Democrats are the lazy ones?

It's on!! Which vision will prevail? Big Government and an Entitlement State or Limited Government and freedom?

Shocking New Study Ties Conservatism To 'Low-Effort' Thinking

Buy American politics by Krisdog on GraphicRiver. The democrat and republican symbols of a donkey and elephant facing off.

Lefty dumbass math!

Lefty dumbass math!

Sadly there are people who care infinitely more about their feelings than the facts that cause their feelings.

Ben Shapiro is too cool for school. His books and speeches are so powerful that the Left can't take it. Check out our Top 5 Ben Shapiro Books!

Lololol. It's funny cuz it's true.

Banish the pathetic useless jobless hopeless vagina hat wearing Hillary ass sweat snowflakes.