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It's true. The government wants to give people who don't work half of the money we earn. We work hard to get a little and they do nothing to get a lot. It's very stupid and it will teach people to be lazy slobs with no lives.


Because thy're hypocrites! That's why....This woman went through SO much SHIT!! Give her a MEDAL for what she went through, to achieve what NO other woman in American history ever did.


The founding fathers knew this would happen in our day, and set us up as a constitutional Republic.


Often times, the media alters images and gives people false impressions of others. Remember that you are you and however you look, it is beautiful.


... but I'm fine with that at my end. It's always great when Libs show where they REALLY STAND ... because us Constitutional Republic Conservatives already knew, and wanted YOU to know too.


Trey Gowdy Brutally Stomps Moronic Immigration Official - 'We Are A Nati...

We are Safer now than we have been during the last 8 years with Obama who sold America out Or if Clinton had won. We can know our national secrets are safe now and the middle class will not become extinct!!