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Conor Mcgregor Young

Conor McGregor tweets I've decided to retire young. Thanks for the cheese. Catch you's later.. Who cares he lost against Diaz and he would of got his ass whipped again by him so that's the best thing for him to retire young.. run forest run run..

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Conor McGregor interrupts friends UFC playfight on night out

Two young men on a night out were given the surprise of their lives on Friday evening after bumping into 28-year-old Irish UFC star Conor McGregor in amusing fashion.

Conor McGregor Offers Words Of Wisdom To Fighters Pissed Off With UFC -

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UFC star Conor McGregor alludes to retirement in cryptic tweet... #ConorMcGregor: UFC star Conor McGregor alludes to… #ConorMcGregor

UFC’s Conor McGregor announces ‘retirement’... #ConorMcGregor: UFC’s Conor McGregor announces ‘retirement’ #ConorMcGregor… #ConorMcGregor

McGregor says he's retiring; pulled from UFC 200

Conor McGregor tweeted Tuesday that he has "decided to retire young." Dana White wouldn't read into the tweet but said McGregor has been pulled from UFC 200 for not attending promotional spots.

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With UFC 205 announcement, Dana White proves Conor McGregor is clearly running the show

Who benefits most from Conor McGregor headlining UFC 205? Two things are becoming increasingly obvious in mixed martial arts: Conor McGregor runs the UFC and the company’s management is turning the featherweight division into a joke. UFC president Dana White announced on SportsCenter on Monday that

UFC And WWE Fans Are Freaking Out Over Conor McGregor's "Retirement"

UFC And WWE Fans Are Freaking Out Over Conor McGregor’s “Retirement”