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The Hindenburg Disaster - Events of May 6, 1937

Martin Kelly, Article about the real cause of disaster for the Hindenburg. Very Interesting.

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Connecticut Colony

How Connecticut Colony Was Founded: Connecticut Colony - Thomas Hooker's Emigration

Pequot War (1636-1637) though the major engagements of the Pequot War took place within a two-year span, the conflict had much earlier roots. After years of confrontations over land, trade, and livestock, the Connecticut Colony formally declared war on the Pequot and their allies on May 1, 1637. At the time of the war, the Pequot resided in what is now southeastern Connecticut. Read more:

Colony of Connecticut ... British colony ...1636–1776 The Connecticut Colony or Colony of Connecticut was an English colony located in British America that became the U.S. state of Connecticut. Originally known as the River Colony, it was organized on March 3, 1636 as a haven for Puritan noblemen.