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Eisenhower Threatened to Invade Area 51 - Former U.S. Congress Members Hear

from Vox

Congress members casually compare abortion to slavery, black genocide, and killing puppies

And one woman of color had the perfect response.


Obama admin secretly broke the law on behalf of Gitmo detainees; Congress members demand answers


Wow. Congress members moved to tears after a hug from Amma. #beautiful


The NFL's Gridiron PAC has contributed more than $300,000 to the campaigns of Congress members responsible for investigating concussions. Email Congress demanding they reject NFL money until the investigation is complete.

Kellyanne drops a bomb about some morally superior Congress members’ ‘uninvited’ behavior with women

from Grist

Surprise! A third of Congress members are climate change deniers

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Get to know your Congressional representative and keep up with what Congress is doing (or not doing!) The latest online activity of Congress members.

Truth be told... Bennet: Ban retired Congress members from lobbying which is long overdue.