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I really like what this quote says. It's very true how we plan things and we get…

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The confusion of the mans mind links to disorder as it looks like his mind is disappearing

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Be confused, it’s where you begin to learn new things. Be broken, it’s where you begin to heal. Be frustrated, it’s where you start to make more authentic decisions. Be sad, because if we are brave enough we can hear our heart’s wisdom through it. Be whatever you are right now. No more hiding. You are worthy, always. – S.C Lourie

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Violent fine art collages by Richard Vergez

Tom, though he becomes the leader, starts out very confused and not sure on what…

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Please someone give me a sign or point me to the path I'm supposed to take! Never been so completely torn or confused in my whole life

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An entry from Happiness/Delight

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This does NOT mean "do not examine your situations", it means that if you become confused, let it rest UNTIL you see a way.

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It's Nice That | An innovative approach to typography and ace use of monochrome from Prague's Parallel Practice

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