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1 Kings 20:1-21:29 {Be prepared to confront evil} Most of us do not like confrontation. Elijah was a man of extraordinary courage. God told him to go and ‘confront Ahab’ (v.18). Fearlessly he accused him of theft and murder and told him that he was in ‘the business of evil, defying God’ (v.20). Elijah’s words were so powerful that when Ahab heard them he repented. God showed him mercy (v.29). No matter what we have done, it is never too late to repent and seek God’s mercy.

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People who can't handle the truth about themselves, sorry I call it like I see it, if you can't handle it, to the left weak links by Sember!

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Quote on abuse: Survivors of any and all abuse become very good at anticipating moods of others, looks, actions, all of it in an effort to survive. Believing that if we can be agreeable, be compliant and loving, do things how they want, that we will be safe. This becomes our way of live." - Darlene Ouimet.

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You can talk about me, trash my relationship, belittle my character, try to control me, try to ruin my friendships and spread lie upon lie until you're blue in the face. I'm secure in my happiness and my satisfaction with my life. You're vapor. You.dont.matter.

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Personal Growth is always on my list of things to do. Once you confront it you can take small steps every day to change.

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30 Life Lessons I've learned as I've grown up

positive thinking quotes Quotes - Just another reason to change jobs - I'm slowly learning that change is a wonderful thing.

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I am that toxic person at the moment......the kind of person I hate generally, and I hate myself because of it. Time to learn, time to grow, time to stop being so toxic

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If there is someone in your life you cannot speak truth to or are afraid to confront, examine the ways in which this person is manipulating or controlling you.

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