Anchor chart to help students remember four types of literary conflict.

Conflict in Literature

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Types of conflicts in literature

Understanding the Types of Conflicts in Literature with Examples

A conflict is an important element of literature. Buzzle explains the various types of conflicts with a few examples.

INCIDENTAL COMICS: Conflict in Literature

in one graphic Grant Snider has summed up Conflict in Literature in a delightful comic: Lisa Three of my favorite books presented themselves, one for each era: Classical - Till We Have Faces (Man vs God) Modern - The Gammage … Continue reading →

Types of Conflict in Literature

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Conflicts in literature. They give our stories movement. Identifying examples for different types – man vs. man, self, nature, society, and the supernatural – is the focus of many class discussions. You want to differentiate, and not only discuss a novel’s conflicts. Over the years, I’ve honed several conflict activities that are easy to implement, and switch around. Plus, they work well for review. Here is a list of free, no (or little!) prep conflict activities. Some may fit better with…

Conflict Activities for Any Novel

Short Stories for Teaching Conflict for Help Teaching Conflict in Literature

Need help teaching conflict in literature? These short stories for teaching conflict with lesson ideas and explanations will make you look like the genius you've been telling your students about all year.

Allow students to examine different types of conflict in literature with this easy to follow worksheet. The (4) types of conflict discussed on this sheet are: character vs. character, character vs. self, character vs. nature and character vs. society. An excellent activity to accompany any book!

Conflict Analysis Worksheet

Conflict Analysis Worksheet - clearly stated character conflicts within literature (vs character, self, society, nature) and guided questions to analyze major conflicts within literature.

Teaching Conflict in Literature (Person vs. the Environment) Using Movie Trailers

Person vs. the Environment Conflict

Using movie trailers is a great way to introduce conflict in literature to students.Six movie trailers for person vs.