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Sorry prayers drawn or written into the sand and then smoothed over as a sign of forgiveness and a new start

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Just when I needed this. May Allah help all of us who are lost in one way or another, Ameen.

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People sharing their private confessions in Las Vegas... Kinda like PostSecret

People sharing their private confessions…

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Have a shredder at your prayer station. They write their sins to confess on paper. People can literally shred their sins.

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Love this idea for a prayer station. First Presbyterian church of Medford, mending torn relationships. The previous Sunday parishioners tore squares of tissue paper, this Sunday we displayed the pieces mended with a cross in the center.

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Which Madonna Song Was Written About You?

“ some pretty deep emotions, Madonna takes a minute to decompress. ~wailing guitars and backwards ~ her head, a place in~ a room at a trendy hotel~ Madonna’s ‘Like ~ Classic Track-by-Track You Can Do It

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Teaching Our Children to Pray craft. This craft will help you prepare your Sunday school lesson on 1 Samuel 1:1-2:11 on the Bible story of Hannah prays for a son.

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My sister has been getting abused by my druggy/alcoholic mother. She is 9 years old and can't defend herself. Now that I am 18 I am trying to fight for her custody. Pray for us.

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