Many cone snails have beautiful colorful shells marked with vivid abstract patterns. Some of the most valuable shells ever came from cone snails–which continue to fascinate conchologists and shell collectors. Even today divers and beach combers are sometimes overwhelmed by the beauty of cone snails and reach out to grab the lovely creatures. Hopefully this article has convinced you that doing so is a very bad idea.

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Conus marmoreus also the 'Marbled Cone'. This sea snail is venomous and its venom is highly potent, and one drop can kill more than 20 men. Has quite a repetitive pattern on shell

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Rule 30 is a one-dimensional binary cellular automaton rule that displays aperiodic, chaotic behaviour. This automaton is of particular interest because it produces complex, seemingly random patterns from simple, well-defined rules. Wolfram (A New Kind of Science) believes that cellular automata are the key to understanding how simple rules produce complex structures and behaviour in nature. A pattern resembling Rule 30 appears on the shell of the widespread cone snail species Conus…

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While considered a delicacy in some parts of the world, snails have found a more intriguing use to scientists and the medical profession offering a plethora of research possibilities. Cone snails are marine mollusks, just as conch, octopi and squid, but they capture their prey using venom. The venom of these marine critters provides leads for detection and possible treatment of some cancers and addictions.

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