No, The “Cone Of Experience” Is Not “Research-Based” & Yes, Some People Debunking It Have Way Too Much Time On Their Hands..

We’ve all heard about or seen the perspective of the so-called “Dale’s Cone of Experience” that says: “We learn of what we read, of what we hear, of what we see,…


Dale’s Cone of Experience: Review of Mrs Woodroffe Assure Model

What Really Is The Cone Of Experience? - eLearning Industry |  e-Learning Bookmarking Service - e-Learning Tags

What Really Is The Cone Of Experience? - eLearning Industry | e-Learning Bookmarking Service - e-Learning Tags

Best of My Blogs: Lesson 5 The Cone of Experience

Dale's Cone of Experience- how much of what your students learn are they going to retain? It all depends on how many of these ways you use in your teaching.

Another learning myth, exposed eloquently by Will Thalheimer. Numbers attempting to quantify learning via instruction method are bogus, no matter how much it's touted as cannon.

Debunking bogus statistics related to Dale's Cone of what you read etc.


Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience from the first edition of Audio-Visual Methods in Teaching, a model of abstract to concrete experiences.

The final report, "Multimodal Learning Through Media: What the Research Says," debunks conventional wisdom about the widely cited Cone of Experience, sometimes also called the Cone of Learning, concluding that students tend to learn more when teachers present material through multiple modes and media rather than in just a single mode. The data shows that students of all ages retain more verbal information -- textual or oral -- when educators supplement it with visual examples.

Research Review: Multimodal Learning Through Media

Electricity is all around us. Try these fun activities and experiments at home with your children to help them better understand the basics of how electricity works.


The Cone of Learning outlines the different ways that we remember things and how different activities increase our chances of remembering something over others.

Dale's cone of learning

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Cone of Learning (Edgar Dale)

Edgar Dale's Cone of Learning showing how much we retain by how we learned it originally.

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Digital Teaching and Learning Musings: Learning Theories and EdTech2 - Dale, Bloom, and Universal Design of Learning

Edgar Dale's "Cone of Experience" I must confess, I never heard of Dale's "Cone of Experience". Dale's cone has 11 stages. Those stages a.