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Make a Silicone Mold from Silicone Sealant - super easy and a LOT cheaper than buying mold making supplies


How to Paint a Concrete Floor

Get your home ready for winter by creating an easy-to-clean entryway. Learn how to paint a concrete floor with step-by-step details. It's practical for mudrooms and laundry rooms & will last for years


How to Finish a Basement Wall

How to drywall over a concrete block wall. How to finish a basement. For that weird wall in our basement bedroom


The ULTIMATE Weekender: DIY Concrete Countertops

Has a tutorial and some pros and cons - DIY concrete counter tops... wanting to do a kitchen island and wondering about concrete top


Epoxy Fortified Paver Sealer is a durable, water-based, clear wet look concrete sealant designed to protect and beautify…


A Visual Guide to repairing outdoor/indoor control joints and wide cracks in concrete slabs permanently.


Concrete sealant reviews

RESCUE IT!® Moderate Resurfacer + Sealant in One

Olympic RESCUE IT! Moderate Resurfacer + Sealant in One is for worn or weathered wood and concrete. With the proper preparation, this 100% acrylic coating fills wood and concrete cracks up to ¼″ and locks down splinters. Don’t replace it. RESCUE IT! WHY YOU'LL LOVE THIS PRODUCT - Covers up to 75 sq. ft. in 2 coats per gallon - Locks down splinters and fills cracks up to ¼″ - Creates a barefoot friendly, finely textured, slip-resistant finish - Provides waterproofing protection


How to Repair a Cracked and Uneven Cement Pad

Cracked and uneven concrete can be repaired in a day by filling it with caulking gun loaded with either a tube of concrete repair or polyurethane sealant.


How to fix cracks in concrete with Quikrete FastSet Repair Mortar or if there is any chance of movement in the ground with Quikrete Polyurethane Concrete Crack Sealant


In this new Mitchkoi blog series, we plan to look at individual elements that are important to consider when building your dream Koi pond. We planned to kick this series off with construction options but concluded that was too obvious for informed Mitchkoi customers ie: Liner, Box welded liner, Concrete with either a sealant or the best (and most expensive option) GRP (fibreglass), and anyway we got a call asking an interesting Valve question that we will share with you later, and that ...