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Test your broadband speed, very accurate and recommended by a Talk Talk engineer couple of weeks ago:-)

Daimler powered Messerschmitt Bf109 owned by Canadian collector,Fairly early Bf109E "Emil" rather than later slightly more common Bf109G "Gustav".Black cross on signifies German Kondor Legion of Spanish Civil War.Emil has struts on tailplane like Me108 forebear & 1350hp engine rather than Gustav's 1850hp,with top speed of 560kph (348mph) rather than Gustav's 685kph (426mph).

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This is a broadband speed test. It can be used on landline but there is also a mobile app available.

Touch Screen coffee table DIY with 32" TV and low cost CCD sensor

UPDATE 04/04/2016 : Multipoint software + Emulating NES video/pictures + OPTION_7 Point and Click + speed test + OPTION videoUPDATE 03/24/2016 : CCD sensor reverse Engineering + Using 2 CCD sensors + Laser engraving vector files + Retropie playingHi and welcome to my third Instructable !I have been reading about DIY touch screen table projects for a while now, and I find most of them very complicated. Often They imply using a videoprojector, reflection mirror and IR camera. The result gives…

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Learn how to improve the performance of your Internet connection. Get the most from your Internet service with our free Speed Test tool and helpful tips.

When you start your internet speed test, the website will send a file and determine the duration necessary for that file to reach its destination. The internet speed test is then reversed to check the necessary duration your link takes to be downloaded by your computer. At the end of the internet speed test a graphical representation of the average rate of data exchange for both your upload and download outcomes will be displayed.

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Nimitz USB 3.0 to SATA 22-Pin Serial Adapter Cable - Black + Blue

"Nimitz USB 3.0 to SATA 22-Pin Serial Adapter Cable for 2.5"" HDD". Supports up to 3TB HDD; Supports SATA-I, SATA-II, SATA-III HDD; Compatible with USB 1.0, USB 2.0, USB 3.0; High speed; Compatible with future SATA device, especially compatible with SSD, such as Kingston HyperX 3K 64GB; Test software: HDTunePro; Dual IC: INIC-3609, up to 140MB/S; Single IC: ASM1051, less than 100MB/s. Tags: #Computers/Tablets #Networking #Cables #Adapters #Computer #Cable #Adapter

A Look at the Best Internet Speed Test Sites