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Computer Coding Game No Computer Needed Superhero Activity

Superhero computer coding game STEM activity no computer required-2

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Coding a LEGO Maze

Coding a LEGO Maze - Free, printable activity for teaching programming concepts to kids of all ages (K-12)

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Reading and Writing Code while Using a Map

Unplugged coding is a great way to use critical spatial thinking as well as practice cardinal directions, map reading & general map skills for Social Studies!

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8 Must-Try Coding Websites & Apps for Students

Coding websites and apps place valuable resources in the hands of students. With mobile and web-browser based tools, all ages can explore computer science.

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11 Kids Activities to Learn Coding without a Computer

Can you learn coding without a computer? Yes you can! These 11 fun activities for kids teach them basic coding concepts off-screen. Check them out and see what fundamental computer programming concepts you can teach your child without a computer. Fun STEM activities for kids of all ages.

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We're Going on a Bear Hunt Algorithm Coding Activity- Children can learn about building an algorithm while retelling a story. The algorithm story sheet is available for free on .

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