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Raising leaving age in 1970s 'improved children's GCSEs'

Raising the school leaving age in the was still having a positive effect a generation later, according to a study of GCSE results.

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The Science of Habit: Popular Habits vs. Popular Addictions
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Education Otherwise website. (The law, facts, information etc) Education is compulsory.... School is optional.

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Up to the age of 16 it is compulsory to be educated as many child and teen models are required to manage both callings yet the difficulty arrives when moving on into higher education.

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Samsung attaches screen to semi-truck to show the road ahead

The Samsung Safety Truck features a wireless camera mounted on the front and a display on the back, showing the road ahead. The move is a part of an effort to reduce head-on collisions from cars trying to pass.

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Geographic Distribution of the Gaelic Languages bleacliath: A brief history of the Gaelic languages: Middle Irish spread into Scotland and the Isle of Man about 1000 years ago and has since developed into Scottish Gaelic, Manx and Modern Irish, though all are somewhat mutually intelligible (like Spanish and Catalan). .Source:

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Petition: Provide Fair Financial Support for Fostering and Adoption Families

Kinship and Foster Carers go through the same checks, training and have the same role as a non-related carer. Yet, there is a clear disparity in the financial support offered by local authorities. This support then ceases, in part, once the carer wishes to apply for SGO or adopts the child!

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