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Enerskin Compression Knee Sleeves help to reduce knee pain, swelling and inflammation. They're great for providing stability and relief to people with patellar femoral pain syndrome, IT Band Syndrome, calf cramps, shin splints, muscle oscillation, knee cap tracking, torn ACL, MCL meniscus tears as well as hamstring control and more!


I found this on a board that someone found funny. But when I was looking for this is was because I have lymphedema on top of my other issues. Lymphedema was side effect of the many surgeries I've had to remove half my jaw, and split my pelvic area from side to side more than once. These sleeves are made to help woman still feel beautiful instead of being stuck will ugly plain sleeves we already have enough ugly things to deal with.

from REI

Compression Leg Sleeves

Leg compression sleeves are made for athletes and make use of graduated compression to increase blood flow, aid in recovery and improve performance. Get some before your next trail run!


Camari Gear Compression Sleeve (1 PAIR) - For Shin Splints, Calf Strains, Sports Recovery - Leg Socks For Men and Women - Black - Calf Guard for Running, Marathon, Rugby, Walking, Tennis, Golf, Cycling, Maternity, Travel, Nurses, Flight, Gym, Work, Medical: Sports & Outdoors

Compression Sleeve- Prevent Shin Splints, Calf Strains,Plantar Fasciitis,- Leg Socks For Men and Women- Black- Calf Guard for Running, Walking, Tennis, Golf, Cycling, Maternity, Travel, Nurses and Working out