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Compost Thermometers : Agtec Compost Thermometer with 60in Stem (0-200°F)

Creating and monitoring a hot inner core of decomposing material - a process known as "hot composting" is simple with the help of the 52cm long probe of this Compost Thermometer

The easy-to-read dial records the temperature in both degrees C and Farenheit. Suitable for recording the temperature in almost every type of compost bin

from Planet Natural

Compost Thermometer

This stainless steel Compost Thermometer by REOTEMP is ideally suited for measuring the core temperature of a compost bin or pile.


$2 DIY compost thermometer build

Here are some basic instructions on how to build a $2 compost thermometer using readily available supplies. It looks crappy (in a good rustic kind of way), but works great and uses few materials.You really don't need to read this... I like this design because it's pretty functional, reaches the correct temperature faster, and looks cool, but you could just duct tape everything together in a minute and see if it works for you first. I chose to use a dry fallen tree branch because they are…