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"I have six compost bins in my backyard and have used many different compost starters over many years. This is the quickest one I have ever used." - Home Depot customer farmgirl95602

Ringer® Compost Plus Organic Compost Starter - Turn your yard debris into free compost for your garden! One bag converts 760 pounds of yard debris into compost, which can be used to fertilize your flower or vegetable garden! #organic #gardening


Espoma CS3 3-1/2-Pound Compost Starter by Espoma. $13.99. Unique, 100-percent bio-organic mix. Compost starter. 3-1/2-Pound. bag. Includes heat active varieties, used to speed the decomposition of difficult materials.. Contains microbes cultured for fast, healthy composting. Espoma cs3 3-1/2-pound compost starter. Save 13% Off!

from Planet Natural

Compost Starter

Dr. Earth Compost Starter is a premium blend of organic materials that actually inoculates the compost pile with necessary microorganisms needed to digest the raw organic material.