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100+ Creative Photography Ideas

These images by Art student Rosanna Jones show a figure lying in a lukewarm bath of powdered milk. This results in beautiful, semi-translucent, ghostly images, with dramatic focal areas and a high-key effect (see above).


This is such a simple photograph, without colour, using just black and white mugs, liquids and backgrounds. It gives a good contrast as well as a show of good, well thought out composition. The formal element, shape, used in this photograph is one of the main things which makes it the way it is.


How to style your home like a pro (Part 2)

Think layers when it comes to displaying home accessories: candles on piles of books and ornaments in front of leaning picture frames. #newlook


Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Used milk chocolate. Froze a cup of the custard, then scraped back into the rest of the custard before adding to an already-running ice cream maker. Doesn't need alcohol; it doesn't go rock solid. Flavour is very nice.


The First Rule of Swimming

Although this is Beautiful, it is too much of a 'fashion' shot. Clarks is more human


Erzi Ingredients for a cake `One size Details : 1 Tray, 1 milk bottle(s), 1 flour packet(s), 1 sugar packet(s), 2 egg(s), 1 bar(s) of chocolate, butter, salt Age : From 3 years old Fabrics : Beech Wood Composition : Watercolour paints, no

Stephanie Gonot‘s takes the classical still life and replaces fruit, flowers, and skulls with fanta, lunch meat, and ice cream. The results are clean and funny and a totally great time. Right now she is working on a bi-weekly column called “Food Mood” for the Italian magazine Red Milk where she takes fashion photographs as inspiration for her photographs of food. It also is a joy.


From #colstrum to maturemilk; from premie milk to full term milk; from breastmilk for an infant to breastmilk for a toddler; the composition of breastmilk is constantly changing to meet the unique demands of the child it is feeding. #breastfeedeverywhere #breastfeed #change #composition #child #little #love #babies #infant #breastfeeding #breastfed #lacteabreastfeeding #breastisbest #IBCLC #mothersmilk #breastmilk #mysuperpowerismakingmilk #normalizebreastfeeding #baby #bonding #bigsis...

Spicy fennel, orange & garlic marinated olives

Local Milk | kinfolk infusions workshop pt 2 + fennel orange olives & hot buttered rosemary-fig bourbon cider


"Often this question gets answered in a highfalutin’ way, with a list of cultured references. I find inspiration in everything that surrounds me: human beings and also objects, those of daily use that are the protagonists of my photographs." Maurizio Di Iorio