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Column Capitals- for kids who are stuck and want a challenge- try a candle holder that is a specific era of column.

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Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre | MJP Architects Part 1/2 The structure supporting the steel and timber roof consists of 8 cruciform steel columns supporting longitudinal composite i-beams formed with channels. This enables the roof to float over a non loadbearing external envelope conceived as series of pieces of furniture which form alcoves capped by a continuous cornice. This gives rigidity to the whole assembly, and reflects daylight under the roof.

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A volute is a spiral scroll-like ornament that forms the basis of the Ionic order, found in the capital of the Ionic column. It was later incorporated into Corinthian order and Composite column capitals.

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About the Classical Order of Architecture

In de Renaissance bouwden ze veel pilaren, die net leken op die van de Romeinen. Dit is 'De hernieuwde oriëntatie op het erfgoed van de klassieke oudheid'

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Sra Pou Vocational School / Architects Rudanko + Kankkunen

Sra Pou vocational school is a vocational training center and community building in Sra Pou village, Cambodia. The school is operated by Blue Tent NGO and the Sra Pou community. It was designed by Architects Rudanko + Kankkunen and built during...

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They are the three principal classical orders: Doric, Ionic and Corinthian. Be able to identify these three styles is easy, looking at the architecture of ancient Greece, or of Greek-inspired buildings. However, the thing gets complicated when they move to Rome, where we can also find Tuscan and Composite orders that were inspired by the Doric and the Corinthian respectively. This Merriam-Webster Inc. diagram clearly shows the different styles of capitals and columns for each order.

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