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I definitely found her yet I still may not get to have her, even though I am the one who has seen her from the start, I have always known who she is. I see her good, and I see her bad and I except both because I am both.


This is a fun way to end the year! What's Included?* Compliment list with 70 words* Recording sheet (2 choices for up to 30 students)Just give each student a COMPLIMENT WORD LIST, RECORDING SHEET, and a class list! Students then pick ONE positive word to best describe their friends and write it in the correct box thats assigned to each student on the RECORDING SHEET. * The list provided is just a reference for kiddos that need help thinking of other words besides "awesome" and "nice".

Before You Speak Let Your Words Pass Through Three Gates. At The ...

32 Of The Most Beautiful Words In The English Language

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