Compare the basic similarities and differences of two informational texts on community helpers: Police Officers and Firefighters. RI.9

Paired Texts targets reading comprehension with two different texts, (both fiction) on the same themed topic. This 82 page paired text packet has 8 passages (4 sets of paired texts) including folktales from around the world which give students practice with compare and contrast, theme, and more! There are vocabulary practice pages, and double sided paired text worksheets to refer to both texts. Plus 3 writing prompts (narrative, expository and persuasive) for each set. (TpT Resource)

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This is a bundle pack of five informational text sets that each sell separately. Each set contains two texts (for compare/contrast texts about the...

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Free - Black History Month - ActivityThis activity will give your students a chance to compare and contrast two great women in American history - Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks. Students will cut out the phrases then sort and glue them in the correct column. ****************************************************************You may also like: Reading Skills - Finding Text Evidence Passages Close Reading Seasonal Bundle (Grades 2-3) Close Reading Seasonal Bundle (Grades 3-5) Science - Finding…

This pack includes links to download paired text for students to practice skills necessary to be successful comparing and contrasting events that lead to a similar theme. Students will practice:*analyzing characters (RL 4.3)*identifying theme (RL 4.2) with evidence (RL 4.1)*plotting events that lead to theme (RL 4.2)*comparing two texts' events that share similar themesThis pack can be used for:-instruction in small groups-whole group instruction-special education resources

Cooperative Learning Task - 3.RIT.9 - compare and contrast two nonfiction texts on the same topic.

Primary mentor text suggested book list for comparing two texts by the same author- focuses on character, setting, and events in two different…

Students will read two letters and answer questions where they must cite evidence and compare and contrast the two texts.

This download features BOTH the ELA set of rubrics and the MATH set of rubrics for FIRST GRADE. I've bundled the standards under specific headings so that they can be used for a longer instructional period and allow time for all students to make learning gains.Two Main Idea rubrics and two Compare and Contrast rubrics--one for literary texts and one for informational texts.Story Elements, Grammar, Sentence Writing & Spelling, Capitalization & Punctuation, Word Usage, Word Relationships,

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