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How to Use an Israeli Bandage to Stop Bleeding

Stop severe bleeding using an Israeli Bandage, also known as emergency bandage. This infographic is very useful for the EMT community, paramedics, first aid responders and the general public interested in first aid. Learn more about the Israeli Bandage in

A HEART-stopping medical incident in Sutton Coldfield saw a man brought back to life thanks to a life-saving volunteer from the town. The incident occurred in a road close to Hollyfield Primary.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) - Nearly 18 percent of pregnant women drink alcohol in early stages of pregnancy

Worldwide Community First Responder

Today the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation celebrates not only Veterans Day, Military Family Appreciation Mont but also its 1-year anniversary! Help support their wonderful cause by purchasing a silver or copper commemorative coin or bar, and give back to those who have served our country! "Chris and I both believed in paying it forward, and we wanted to give this same opportunity to the other families in our community — first responder and military families."-Taya Kyle#ChrisKyleFrogFoundation…

I Am My Own First Responder

When you develop a preparedness mindset, you begin to understand the truth behind this statement: I am my own First Responder. As a retired medic and a midwive's assistant I totally understand this!

It will take 'tens of thousands' to correct the damage done to Kilmacanogue GAA club in two malicious fires at the site.