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On NLRB Decision Nullification: No One For Union Bosses & Democrats To Blame Except Themselves | RedState

No its not please there's no reason to point figures i want to thank.. at least you didnt lie to me and say we were still together that there was a way for us to stay togetger through it all that these feelings arnt mutal. Thats what i love about about you your always honest and never surgar coat things your straight foward i just lack common sence. Can i ask you something


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HUG (They All Hate Us)

I am a hugger. I believe that everyone could use a good, spontaneous hug. Hugging releases oxytocin in our brains, which is a happy chemical nicknamed the "cuddle hormone". I just love people so damn much and making them happy is my passion, so I hug people when I first meet them;'s gonna happen! (: <3 More


25 Unknown Facts about Donald Trump Sheriff Clarke and Donald Trump......HERES ARE TWO COMMON SENCE PEOPLE......ONE IM VOTING FOR.