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This is my take on vocab pockets. I put a variety of high level adjectives for common words such as happy or sad into jewellery bags and hung them onto hooks to encourage children to use them to expand their vocabulary. Jeweller bags were £2 from eBay, bargain!!!


Always a good thing to have to make essays/stories or even journaling on a scrapbook layout a little more exciting ;) Not an endorsement of ALL words suggested...but may be helpful.

from Talk in French

French Vocabulary: 129 Most Common Adjectives

Update: Now you can download the PDF and MP3 with examples for each adjectives. Click on the big yellow button below. A list of the most common adjectives in French. It is sorted out by alphabeti...

from Games 4 Gains

Adjectives Games

Looking for fun ways to practice adjectives? This Adjectives Games packet contains 12 fun and engaging printable board games to help students to practice common adjectives, proper adjectives, comparative adjectives, superlative adjectives, and ordering adjectives!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

A List of Adjectives

This is a 2 page list to help students find and use a variety of adjectives. There are some of each of the different kinds of adjectives and they are in alphabetical order.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Spooky Adjectives & Verbs Synonym Matching Activity

The will be able to learn new vocabulary words by matching common adjectives and verbs used to their synonym. Great for a morning meeting activity ...

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Adjective & Adverb Bundle L2.1e

This adjective adverb bundle comes with a poster for common adjective adverbs, a sorting activity, and two fill in the blank pages. It ...