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Possibly my biggest SOS of a crush, I wanted to have the same lip shape as 80s kids TV presenter Timmy Mallett. Wacky, vivid and possibly the next on the BBC inspection list, this oddball and his foam friend was an unavoidable watch come Saturday mornings, and ultimately a crush for me waiting to happen. Ashamed? Nah. Though I am probably a psychologists dream subject.

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Horse Tunnel Market - Camden, London. Part of The Return of the Witch is set here in the ancient tunnels beneath the city streets. (Repinned from Maroba)

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Bst Of David Bowie Poster Or Canvas Print

ABBA! my mum loved them so much, sitting in the car listening to them on tape or all of us dancing around doing house work on Saturday mornings.

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1960's cartoon character Mighty Mouse " here I come to save the day..that means that Mighty Mouse is on the way "...funny what you can remember

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The Jetsons Cartoon Show debut 1962 "The show foreshadowed many of the things we take for granted in the modern age, like treadmills, cell phones and the internet. Surely the flying cars will get here soon; and having a moving walkway in every room could come in handy..."

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The Lone Ranger! I loved this show growing up. Famous last words of this show while riding into the sunset, "Hi Ho Silver!"

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Mighty Mouse was probably the only cartoon I wouldn't watch. So annoying. Too squeaky. Like a pre-cursor to scrappy doo or godzooki. This small ones are more annoying is a theme I think applies to humans, too. And I don't mean kids

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The Jetsons was a great cartoon; while not everything on there has come true - it is amazing to think of all the devices that are similar to things they had on that show.

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old cartoons from the 70s and 80s | Re: NTA Cartoons and programmes Of The 70s, 80s And 90s by nexstorm ...

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"Christmas Morning" Saturday Evening Post Cover, December 24, 1955

Christmas morning! It's a nice painting of a warm scene, and it's on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post, but it isn't Norman Rockwell. The signature is John Falter.

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Beautiful, Blue Eyed Kitten - 21st July 2014

Come on now kitty, let me lie in……it’s Saturday not Caterday!

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February 18th Saturday 10a-12p @citynewschicago #irishmusic uilleann pipes and fiddle on a Saturday morning! Come on by for their great coffee, pastries and truffles!