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Wedding reception DIY ideas for brides on a budget - place cards (

Guide guests to their seats with pretty glitter pine cones. Spray paint each one silver all over. Once the paint has dried, brush the tips of the cones with glue using a small paintbrush and dip into a bowl of loose glitter. Tap the pine cones to dust off any excess glitter. Write the names of your guests on white card cut to size and slot in between the seed scales.

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BACKSPLASH LOVE this glossy colored tile brings just the right pop to the kitchen. kinda retro no?

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She kissed him with everything she had until he got over his shock and kissed her back. When they pulled away she stood on her tiptoes as much as she could so she could press her forehead to his, “You do make me happy. James, you- you do and- and you deserve the world.” She whispered against his lips, her hands tangled in his hair. She felt him smile, one of his hands coming up to brush against her cheek. His voice was soft, “I don’t need the world, Evans. I just need you.”

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Laugh Out Loud

Harry Potter Funny~This sounds like something I would do...mwahhaha!

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Just in Time For Summer! 21-Day Arm-Sculpting Challenge

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