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Columns: Inside and Outside the House

Inspired by Grecian and Italian architecture, columns can make or break a room or porch. Although the upkeep may subside you decision, the beauty and texture of the right column set in the right space, will change your mind. Take a peek at some of our ideas and inspirations and decide whether or not you want to take on the challenge.


Not a fan of the room itself but I love the idea of columns inside the home (without being gawdy of course)

Columns: Inside and Outside the House

The Butterscotch colour is BM Sisal, the Dining room colour is Plymouth Brown, the green is BM brookside moss. Mmmmm - love the Butterscotch for my kitchen!

Several Great Kitchen Design Ideas

source design by Melanie Turner Bare Foot Blonde source Margaux Lonneberg A triangle is the mathematical symbol for ‘change’ - also known as the Greek symbol ‘delta’. love. source Margaux Lonneberg Spanish Moss source Hunter S. Thompson source source