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Columbo star Peter Falk dies at 83 after battle with dementia

Peter Falk, as Lieutenant Columbo ~ Peter Falk starred as Columbo from 1968 up until 2003 - with the show heralded as one of the greatest detective dramas of all time.

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Columbo (TV Series 1971–2003) The Best... Just one more question always did the bad guys in

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Most people don't remember this show. I used to watch this as summer re-runs in the 80's. It was alright!

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Peter Falk 1927-2011. Died at age 84 after years of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Married 16yrs to 1st wife Alyce Mayo. They'd adopted 2 daughters Catherine Jackie. His 2nd wife, Shera Danese, was 21 yrs his junior and they were together 33 yrs before his death.

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Detective Columbo (Peter Falk): SOCRATIC IRONY is employed when someone says something that conveys a message that contradicts the literal words. Someone attempting to use Socratic irony might sound like the old television detective Columbo who always disparaged his own talents to make the suspect think he was an idiot.

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Columbo star Peter Falk suffering Alzheimer's Disease and dementia

Columbo. I love most detective dramas but this is the most original and still the best.

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The 100 Greatest Movie and TV Cars of All Time

Columbo ~Peter Falk, here with his 1959 Peugeot 403 Cabriolet, perfect car for Columbo.

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Peter Falk from Celebrity Deaths: 2011's Fallen Stars

Peter Falk The Emmy-winning Columbo star—and Princess Bride's book-reading grandpa!—passed away at his home in Beverly Hills. Falk, who reportedly suffered from Alzheimer's disease, was 83.

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Who could ever forget Columbo, screened throughout the 70s to this day! My family loved this show: the tactics of the shabby little genius were always a delight. He always got his man, or woman. I have such fond memories of the show that I will still watch it on the occasions it is repeated...

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Supernatural fandom <<< Dean: "What the hell?" Cas: "I was being bad cop." Dean: "You were being bad everything."

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"Just one more thing..." I loved Columbo, his crumpled mac and shambolic air. #people, #style

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Corrie and Columbo are in... but no Mad Men or Sopranos: 50 most influential TV shows in world over past 50 years revealed

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Loved to watch McMillan and Wife on NBC's Sunday Night Mystery Movie when I was a kid! Have been watching the series once again courtesy of Netflix!

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because he always knew who did it, right from the beginning

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Peter Falk (1927 - 2011) Actor. Fondly remembered for his role of Lieutenant Columbo in the popular TV series "Columbo" (1971 to 1978).

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